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Bury Farm

Applications 2015

We are currently loading the 2015 applications and these will be available shortly. Should you require any information before this date please contact head office

All Memberships now include a Free Performance Award Card.

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Veteran Horse Society Dressage

The Veteran Horse Society are delighted to announce that we have teamed up with My Riding Life in order to offer competitors the opportunity to make their entries online for The National Veteran Championships 2014.

My Riding Life is the UK's biggest online entries website with 52,000 members, offering a secure data management for horse owners and riders plus a secure online communication network with show and event secretaries.

We are very excited to be working together to bring you the very best experience we can.

Veteran Horse Showing My Riding Life


Following a recent Head Office meeting, the decision has been made to allow direct qualification to the Championships for all new and existing members who have either qualified at an Area Qualifier or have submitted the required score sheets as outlined in the Society Dressage Pages on our website. A letter of eligibility will be sent to all competitors who have either qualified at an area qualifier or submitted the relevant score sheets. This letter MUST be returned with your entry application for the Championship

PLEASE NOTE: Entries will be limited. In order to make the changes fair, preference will be given to competitors who have already competed at an Area qualifier and have been issued with a qualification card.

Online entries preferred via our 'My Riding Life'

My Riding Life

Veteran Horse Society would like to apologise for the for the constant changes to the qualification process brought about by the significant changes in the Society's structure early this year. We will however be launching a new and exciting Series for the 2014/2015 season


To compete at a VHS Dressage or Showing Regional Final you will need to complete a Membership Application (this application covers all aspects of Veteran - VHS - disciplines) and Horse Registration Application. For all new Horse Registrations you will then receive a Show & Dressage Card.

Veteran Horse Society Dressage Series is open to Members and Non-Members with horses & ponies that are 15 years of age and above. However to progress to the National Veteran Championship you must become a member 10 working days after competing in your class and qualifying. Score sheets must accompany Membership.

These classes are designed to promote the Society and to give enjoyment to owners and carers of elderly horses. The tests available for 2014 season are listed below.

Intro – Walk & Trot only no canter work

Prelim – Walk Trot and Canter, with simple changes of the rein and circles

Novice – Slightly more advance movements that prelim.

Qualification will go to all veteran horses & ponies having the score of 58% or over in the above classes and may be obtained by either competing in one of our existing area qualifiers. Alternatively you can submit score sheets at or above 58% (one from an affiliated competition or two un affiliated) provided that the sheets are signed by a B.D. List Judge and are no more than two months old at time of submission. The sheets should be accompanied by the relevant membership fees for non members.

No age restriction of rider

Turnout in accordance to rules and regulation for British Dressage.

Qualification will then enable the competitor to go to the National Veteran Championships held later in the year. The Final held on Friday 19th September at Bury Farm Equestrian Village.

At present we are asking both unaffiliated and affiliated events to inform competitors any horse over the age of 15 is eligible to compete and join.

The arena we require is just 20m-40m. No long arena tests.

Membership is open to any rider and any horse or pony over the age of 15.

We welcome any support or involvement with Members to extend our series of qualifying classes and ask that you either contact head office or the dressage department with venues or events that would be willing to give qualification to our regional finals.

The rules for VHSD will run in accordance with B.D. Rules

We are improving and expanding our dressage series each season and hope to bring some exciting new tests for 2015 VHS Dressage series.