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Veteran Horse & Rider British Dressage Championships

Associated Championships (Veteran Horse)

The Veteran Associated Dressage Championship will again be held at Vale View in Leicestershire




9th - 13th November 2022


Please follow the link below for more information.


The Veteran Horse Dressage Championships are run in partnership with British Dressage (BD).  They form part of the British Dressage Veteran Horse and Rider Championships and will be run in accordance with BD rules.

The qualifying year runs from 1st January 2022 to 31st August 2022.

Veteran Horse Dressage is open to all horses/ponies 15 years and over and will be in split into two age categories: 15-19 years and 20+ years.

The levels included in the Veteran Horse Dressage Championships are as follows:-
Intro                                                          Elementary                                                     PSG
Prelim                                                       Medium
Novice                                                      Advanced Medium

Both horse and rider must be eligible for the level they are competing at.

In accordance with the new competition structure implemented by BD on 1st January 2022, only those combinations competing in the bronze or silver sections of the relevant level will be eligible for the Veteran Horse Dressage Championships.

Combinations are able to qualify in different levels but can only compete within two levels at the final Championships. Combinations must be eligible for Bronze, Silver or Gold sections for the level they wish to qualify in accordance with BD Rules.

Riders must be full members of the Veteran Horse Society and have a VHS Dressage Card in order to be eligible to qualify for the Championships (horses/ponies must be registered with the VHS in order to obtain a VHS dressage card – registration is free of charge).

VHS membership / dressage cards can be applied for at any time. Early application is encouraged.

Combinations must achieve 3 scores of 60% or above at the same level to gain qualification to compete in the Veteran Horse Dressage Championship.  Off shore is 2 scores over 60%.

Qualifying scores can only be achieved at regular BD affiliated competitions, Team Quest or
My Quest fixtures.

Riders must have full BD membership (Club for Intro level) and horses must have Full BD registrations (Club for Intro level) to be able to compete within the Championships. To gain qualification you are able to be: Intro-Prelim Bronze: Club/Full/Ticket/Trial then Prelim Silver, Novice and above- Full/Ticket/Trial.

More information can be found on the website .

Please CONTACT US for further inquires.

Elite Equine Associated Championship 2021

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