2022 Membership Is Now Open 

Please now allow 10 working days (from date of receipt) to produce full Membership.  If Membership is required before this a fast track fee will be required.

Please send your Membership application online.

Membership may now be submitted by email.  This can only be accepted by the word or PDF application from this page.

Please do not attach photos/proof as separate files.

Please email or call if you have any queries.

Joining the VHS you will become part of a Society that comes together to celebrate and enjoy older horses, whether you compete or not the VHS is the leading authority in older equine welfare.

It is very simple, just read and complete the membership form.

National Championships Veteran Horse Society

NEW Membership.


  • We do our utmost to ensure a fast and efficient service to all our members, and take payment by debit card and Paypal (cheques are no longer accepted)

  • To join you need to complete a ‘Personal Membership Application Form’. To register your veteran you need to apply for either a Full Registration Show Card and/or Dressage Card.

  • All juniors (16 and under must have the application signed by parent or guardian).

  • We require proof your veteran’s equine passport on receipt we will issue our official registration label.

  • The Photograph can be attached to our online application form.

  •  No Membership is required for the owner of the horse or the leader of a lead rein pony.  We only require the rider or the person showing the horse in hand to become a member.

  • Membership can be an ideal gift for any occasion, a gift voucher is available. This voucher will act as payment.

  •  All fully paid Members will receive a discounted purchase of Showing World Magazine on a quarterly basis. The magazine is an A4 full colour publication and has up to date news and events within the showing world.

  • Your Membership pack will include vouchers and product information from all our Sponsors.

  • Fast Track is available for next day return delivery at a cost of £20.00. Please allow 24 hours to produce your membership

RENEWAL Membership.


  • Renewal by standing order is only £30.00. Please complete the form that will appear when you download your new Membership Application and return signed with your Membership.

  • Renewal payment can be made over the telephone, On-line or by Paypal.  If you are paying via Paypal we set up a reminder for you each year..

  • Family Membership covers 4 family Members.

Day Membership. (required for Direct Qualifiers if you are a Non-member)

  • The cost is £20.00 and that will enable you to obtain a Day Show Card/Membership and an age badge. Only available to Direct Qualifiers 

  • Applications are only taken at Head Office by telephone with a debit card payment. 

  • We simply need your full name, address and email.  The Show and class you are entering and your veterans full name, age and height.  Should you then qualify for the Supreme Final you will need to become a Full Member and enter the Final within 21 days.


Show Cards.


  • A Showing Registration Card allows your horse to compete in a Regional Final and/or Direct Qualifier. To obtain a Show Card you will need to be a full Member or include this with your full membership application or renewal

  • The horse can register for the coming season providing it is 15 years of age or over, on or after the first of January within the current Show season.

  • Age badges are available from Head Office, but are included in all Showing Card Applications at no extra charge. Replacement Age Badges are available at £6.50 plus P&P for Members and £7.50 for non-members plus P&P.